The Perfect Addition to the Model Railroaders Man CaveIf the idea of adding a model railroad to your rec room or man cave has come to mind, you might find that building in a larger scale will suit this type of room perfectly and the MTH 20-3021-1 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Big Boy Steam Locomotive EX/Box a perfect addition to your new layout. This Union Pacific Big Boy model train is a highly detailed replica of the biggest steam locomotive to ply the rails in the US.

Are You New to Model Railroading?

If you are new to model railroading but think that this Lionel Big Boy locomotive is going to make the perfect addition to your rec room, Model Trains for Beginners is loaded with information that has been written with the complete beginner in mind. Inside this guide you will find a wealth of knowledge all gathered into a single guide that can help you choose the right model railroad scale for your room as well as learn to build everything from the benchwork to the smallest details.

There are a number of different guides on the market, but you will find that this is one of the most complete you can buy. Whether you are just getting started or an experienced model railroader, you will find a virtual treasure trove of information to help you create the ultimate layout for your new Lionel Union Pacific Big Boy locomotive to run on.

Going Big Scale Can Be Fun

If you are fortunate enough to have a big room in which to build your man cave, building a model railroad in a larger scale such as O gauge can prove to be a lot of fun. The Lionel Big Boy model comes in O gauge and includes the locomotive and tender along with a section of track to set it on if you wish to use it as a display model.

The first Union Pacific Big Boy hit the rails in 1941 and stayed in continuous service until 1959 by which time the diesel locomotive took over. As the longest steam engine to ever run in the US it was used to pull long trains up and over the Rockies into Wyoming from the East Coast. The Lionel model of this world famous locomotive is a very accurate and highly detailed replica and makes a great addition to any layout or just sitting in a place of honor on your mantelpiece or bookcase.

However this Lionel locomotive was built to be more than just a decoration, you will find that it is powered by high performance Pittman motors which can pull your longest line of cars up any grade on your layout. Not only does this workhorse replicate the pulling power of the original, every detail has been faithfully replicated down to the cab interior that includes the engineer.

It Is All in the Little Details

If you are going to invest in a collector’s quality locomotive for your man cave model railroad, you want to make sure you are getting the most for your investment. The MTH 20-3021-1 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Big Boy Steam Locomotive EX/Box is just what you are looking for. Once you open the box, you will find one of the most highly detailed model railroad locomotives you have ever seen.

The die cast boiler and tender are complete down to the rivets and steam lines. With a constant voltage headlight, operating marker lights and a glowing firebox, you will thoroughly enjoy operating your layout at night. The tender even has a working back up light that lets you see what you are doing when using the remotely controlled couplers.

Power to Spare and More

The Union Pacific Big Boy model train is far more than just a showpiece, it features 2 Pittman flywheel equipped motors with built in DCS to ensure the smoothest starts and stops of any model railroad locomotive available. To make this locomotive even more realistic, it features Protosound 2.0 that provides sounds like those you hear in the freight yard such as whistle, bell, cab chatter and of course running at full speed down the line sounds. With the synchronized puffing ProtoSmoke system and the myriad of details that have been built into this model, you will have one of the finest model railroad locomotives available running the rails in your rec room.

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